Rhode Island's only club devoted exclusively to Archery
1531 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown, RI

Order of the Green Pig


A number of years ago, the exact number has become unimportant, a few wandering NBH members found a foam pig out amongst the club's forest debris.   It may or may not have been green at the time but it is now.  How it became green isn’t as important as it is that it is green.   Said members, and a few others, decided to spruce up said pig and, not knowing how to refer to this newly coifed creation, named it Gangus Piggicus... not to be confused with the similarly spelled Latin phylum name.  Now that said pig had an identity, members took an attachment to Gangus who  quickly grew to mascot status and a valuable, contributing and ... oh yeah, non paying... member of the Club. 

So, just how does an inanimate, foam, green (did I include ugly?) pig contribute to such a dynamic club as Narragansett Bowhunters, you ask?

Gangus’ contribution is singular.  At many NBH club shoots, Gangus may show up somewhere on a NBH range and allow himself to be shot at by any passing, audacious archer…shot at once and only once per shoot per shooter mind you.  Gangus has been known to be pigheaded about where he stands while being shot at.  He insists that the shot not be a gimme as he is no more anxious to be shot at than anyone else.  If said shot is witnessed by another club member and happens to strike within the IBO 12 ring inscribed on Gangus’ side, another mystery as to where these rings came from on Gangus, that member earns an exalted place in the Order of the Green Pig and earns the coveted  Order of the Green Pig Pin to wear proudly.